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Taking a R-eality check

New idol group R-eal is making heads turn even before they debut. They appeared on a popular Japanese radio broadcast earlier, and tried to differentiate themselves from other idol groups saying that they want to focus on real (hence the name) issues.

The internet seems to already be abuzz with news about these guys. Seeing the success of débutante idol group SHINee, many netizens are anticipating similar success for R-eal.

Sigh… YET another idol group/boy band/whatever…

Let’s just hope it’s a passing phase, like last year, when around this time, the TV, internet and every other form of media was inundated with an overdose of so called sexy divas (Chae Yeon, Ivy, Lee Hyori, Seo In yeong etc).

I just hope it doesn’t happen again…


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