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Epik High – One (Live/Band Ver.) – Madame B Salon

Epik High recently performed their hit song ‘One’ (from Pieces, Part One) on Madame B Salon (Ep. 9). The single released later included previously released tracks from Epik High and the Buga Kingz, performed live.

Here is the track list:

1. One (Band Ver.) – Epik High
2. Girl – Epik High
3. Break down – Epik High
4. 싸이렌 (Siren) – Buga Kingz
5. Tic Tac Toe – Buga Kingz

The live version of One is highly recommended. Only one minus though : since the songs are recorded live, there is an almost-continuous background score of screaming fans. I just wish Epik High would re-record and release the band version of ‘One’. Also, you can hear DJ Tukutz rapping here, which sounds pretty much OK… a bit awkward though. That’s fine, considering he’s not a rapper anyway, and that I seem to be comparing him to Tablo and Mithra all the time, which is really not fair on my part.

Here’s a 1:30 min preview of the tracks (I couldn’t find the live performance of One, I will post it here when I do. Right now all I see when I search for Madame B Salon on youtube is SNSD…) This is NOT a performance, only a preview of the tracks (only audio, no video)

I hope to see the Band version of One in Pieces, Part two :D…

Edit: I will upload the Band Ver. of One in the Box. Done! You can preview the song in the green box.

I also liked the live version of Girl (also from Pieces, Part One). Look out for it in the single!


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