Hallyu Word of the Day #3

Bob the Builder – he’s Bob Ahjussi (아저씨) in Korea!

Today’s word – 아저씨 pronounced Ah-jeo-sshi – can be found in the script of almost every K-drama there is, was and will be (with the exception of sageuks – historical dramas, I guess).

Often translated as Mister or sir, 아저씨 refers to an older gentleman, but colloquially, an ahjusshi is an middle-aged man, and more often than not has a terrible sense of style (if any at all). Case in point – plastic slippers worn with socks…

The female counterpart to ahjusshi is 아줌마 (ah-ju-mma), which will be tomorrow’s word of the day!

Read more about ahjussi at Wikipedia.

While on the topic of 아저씨, I’ve been watching a movie on youtube (yes, that’s actually possible – I didn’t know one could). It’s called 키다리 아저씨 – or ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ internationally. Starring Ha Ji-Won, Yeon Jeong Hun, Shin Yi, Jeong Jun Ha, Hyun Bin and Park Eun Hye, the film is a romantic comedy which gained much popularity in Korea and the world over.

From callalilly @youtube :

In her new movie Daddy-Long-Legs that borrowed its name from the famous novel by Jean Webster, famous Korean star Ha Ji-won portrays the naïve but good-hearted high school girl Cha Young-mi. Left to her own devices after the tragic loss of her parents, Young-mi is determined to overcome whatever hardships the future may bring in order to complete her education. Through the help of an invisible benefactor who pays for her tuition fees and other necessary expenses, Young-mi is able to finish her studies and is offered her dream job as program writer for a radio station. It is there that she meets and falls in love with her colleague Kim Joon-hoo (Yeon Jeong-hoon). After Young-mi discovers a desperate message left behind by the former owner of her computer she decides to do something to help this heartbroken person.

Watch the trailer here.

If you’re interested in watching the whole movie, watch it here.


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  1. swtsrwlove said

    LOL “Bob Ahjussi” 😀
    the movie sounds good too~ thanks

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