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Weekly Feature – Tying up Loose Ends – Korean Music – I

First week of June – a lot of interesting developments took place this week, eg. news about Alex’s, Lee Jung’s and Sung Si Kyung’s album releases, not to mention some new finds on my part, and of course the Dream concert.

For the uninitiated, the Dream concert is an annual Korean event when the industry (or at least half of it – the famous ones) gather in honour of the cause against music piracy. This year’s event saw stars like Epik High, SS501, Super Junior, MC Mong, DBSK, Maya, Jewelry, Typhoon, AST’ 1, SHINee, Peter, SNSD, Buga Kingz , Wonder Girls, Mighty Mouth and Choo Seung Hoon. That makes it the largest annual live concert in Korea. I couldn’t catch it, as always, though I had a good time reading about it on Popseoul (the comments are the most interesting bit – where else do you get to see motley fans of motley idol groups trade words like fire tipped arrows in a Battle Royale). Anyway, click here to read Popseoul’s coverage (And while you’re there, do have a look at the ridiculous picture of Seo In-Young posted there, it’s hilarious! (Not meaning to offend any Jewelry fans))

Anyway, the above picture is of Epik High arriving at the Dream Concert, 2008.

I came across a LOT of new music – some great and for some, terrible would be an understatement. And to imagine the irony, when I was looking through the music I had accumulated through the week, I found some very well known artists having the worst songs, and some – virtually unknown, yet having the best music there was (I know that had a LOT of grammatical errors, but I hope you understood the point I’m inarticulately trying get get across…). TGUS, Trans Fixion, Soulzean, MK, Orifeel…ing, Nell (for releasing 1분만 닥쳐줄래요!) pleasantly surprised me. And the only one I knew well was Nell, I had a faint idea about Orifeel…ing and TGUS, but besides that, I hadn’t even heard of these wonderful artists. I also mildly enjoyed F.T Island’s Japanese debut album, and Big Bang’s With U Mini Album.

On the other hand, the downers for me this week were SuJu-H’s Cooking? Cooking! (Not that I was expecting much, but I just wanted to be pleasantly surprised, despite the skepticism)… just too happy (with an exclamation mark for added emphasis) for me, it was too upbeat/candy-coated/sugary/saccharine, unfortunately. The Wonder Girls’ So hot single was not great either, though I must admit the title song is catchy (if a little narcissistic). So except the title song, I wouldn’t really recommend any other song on the single. However, at this point I must mention that the rap version (MV version) of Tell Me sounds like a big improvement over the original, in fact my favourite part of Tell Me is YooBin’s rap. Don’t really like the abundance of leopard print though…

My picks this week (NOT in any particular order):

1. Epik High – One (Band Ver.)

2. Nell – 멀어지다

3. T (Yoon MiRae) – Baby Bye Bye (From Rhapsody Part Two Digital Single with Drunken Tiger)

4. Trans Fixion – Radio (Feat. Xeno) (still don’t know where to get the rest of this, but I’m looking)

5. Soulzean -이번 한번만 (feat. Riaa)

6. MK – 사랑이라서 (feat.Roserael)

7. TGUS – I Believe In

8. F.T Island – Soyogi

9. Orifeel…ing – 슬픈 영혼 (By Kai, 장치열, 나리)

10. Orifeel…ing – 너무 늦어서 (By MK, 김미란)

I’m so gonna buy Orifeel…ing’s album, but I’d be damned if I find it on Yesasia… Actually I can’t find it anywhere…

Anyway, have a great week ahead, everyone!


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Nell – 멀어지다 MV out!

Just found it on Youtube while looking around for Nell stuff…

There are two versions of the MV, one with just the band, and the second with the band and an actress. It’s a moody video, in a dark setting. The group looks great, and it’s one of Nell’s best MVs. The fluorescent tubes on the piano and the walls look great. Very cool.

I can’t seem to embed videos today 😦

Version 1:

Version 2:

I love anything Nell… 😀

Look at Kim Jong Wan (vocalist)’s glasses… ooh, shiny! Love them…

By the way, ‘멀어지다’ means to go farther away…

Read a review of the Digital Single for 멀어지다 here, and for the Vol.4 – Separation Anxiety here.

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Nell Released a… Single?

NAME : Single – 멀어지다



GENRE : (Soft) Rock

OK, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they’re not supposed to, it’s just that they never did, and I didn’t expect them to…Yeah, Nell released a single for the first time. And it has two tracks, the first of which (멀어지다) was included in Nell’s Separation Anxiety (whose track-by-track review you can read here.) The second track, however is new, and is titled 1분만 닥쳐줄래요. For those who can’t read/understand Korean, that’s ‘Can You Just Shut Up For 1 Minute’! Well, they won me over with the title…

On to the music, the second track (1분만 닥쳐줄래요) has a nice (sounds like a bit of old-school to me though) melody.. very nice. Totally unexpected from Nell though. Kim Jong Wan’s voice sounds really great, as usual, but had it not been for his voice, I could NOT have recognized this as a Nell song. Sounds different from their usual style…brighter! It’s like a breath of fresh air, even for Nell (always unique and a step aside from the rest of the industry). I would give it a 8.5/10. As for track one (멀어지다), it’s a beautiful ballad track with a strong piano sound, one of the best tracks on Nell’s Separation Anxiety album, and I would give it a 9/10 (actually I’m liking it better since I saw the video, I would now probably give it a 9.5):)


Edit: I have posted the MV in another recent post 😀 Check it out here.

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Review: Nell – Separation Anxiety

NAME : Nell Vol.4 (though this is debated) – Separation Anxiety

RELEASE DATE : 25 March, 2008



GENRE : Rock

Nell is an (unfortunately lesser recognized) Korean rock band who recently released their fourth (fans like to dispute whether it’s their fourth or sixth, but I’d like to hail it as their fourth major album) by the name of Separation Anxiety. The album has eleven tracks, including the much acclaimed rock ballad 기억을 걷는 시간 (which can be translated as Time to Take a Stroll down Memory Lane / Time to Search One’s Memory) which is the title track. In fact, the group won its first Mutizen for this song.


01. Separation Anxiety

02. Moonlight Punch Romance

03. 기억을 걷는 시간 (Title)

04. 멀어지다

05. Promise Me

06. 1:03

07. Fisheye Lens

08. Afterglow

09. Tokyo

10. 12 Seconds

11. _

So, going track-wise:

Track 1: (8/10) Rock ballad, similar to 기억을 걷는 시간, and Kim Jong wan’s high vocals sound excellent on this one, and the repetitive lyric 나를 떠나지 마요 adds to the haunting feel of the track. Very nice and highly recommended.

Track 2: (9/10) Very fresh… I’m speechless about this one. Recommended!

Track 3: (10/10) Rock ballad, with a mellow sound. This is easily the track where Kim Jong Wan’s beautiful voice is utilised to its best. Must-listen, and I mean it!

Track 4:(9/10) One of the slower tracks on the album, contemporary rock ballad. Nice…

Track 5: (9/10) Amazing rock track, one of the faster ones on the CD, really really good. You see, with an artist like Nell every track has something new to offer – a different, unique sound, which is why , it is extremely easy to listen to the whole album at a stretch without actually having to skip any track (generally harder to do with most artists).

Track 6: (8.5/10) I really like the beat on this track. Actually, this is one of those tracks that really grows on you with every listen. At first, I liked it a lot, but now I’m loving it – after a couple of listens more.

Track 7: (9/10) Modern rock, has a really nice, contemporary feel to it…

Track 8:(8.5/10) Nice piano intro…this is beautiful music… it has a haunting feel to it

Track 9: (8.5/10) I love how this track starts…sounds like beats in the distance. One of the better known tracks on the album, after of course 기억을 걷는 시간. The lyrics are completely in English. It sounds very… quiet yet it’s beautiful music. Recommended.

Track 10: (8/10) Don’t go by the name (12 Seconds), for this track is a whole 8 minutes and 45 seconds… long, to say the least. Anyway, it’s a beautiful track, where Kim Jong Wan’s vocals sound mellow, though unrecognizably high in the chorus. I find the musical arrangement of this track to be very interesting – minimal but at the same time, able to convey the feel of the song smoothly enough. I’m unable to describe it exactly…

Track 11: (?/10) Uhh… wow, his voice is unrecognizably high pitched here. In one word, interesting. I really don’t know how to rate this one. Very high pitched… experimental music.

VERDICT: Overall 9.5/10. This is an excellent album, and a definite must-buy particularly for fans of Rock music. Even for those who do not listen to Korean music, this is a great listening experience. Try it!

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : All the tracks are worth listening to, but tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 are recommended in particular.

Watch the video for 기억을 걷는 시간 here :

The vocalist Kim Jong Wan stars as the lead, along with the rest of the group. I like this video a lot. It’s simple yet artistic.

Like it? Purchase Nell’s cd here.

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