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Review : V.O.S Vol.3 – Wonderful Things

NAME : Wonderful Things (V.O.S Vol.3)

RELEASE DATE : 19 May 2008

ARTIST : V.O.S (Voice Of Soul)



OK, honestly this is the first V.O.S album I’ve listened to (apart from project and solo singles), and I’m happy to report that it is a good one. Having 10 tracks, without counting the concert version of the title track (Beautiful Life), the style ranges mainly from Pop to R&B, but also surprises you intermittently, for example with track no. 8 which gives off an electronic/club vibe. I like..

Track List:

01. 아무리 널
02. Beautiful Life (Title)
03. 남자라면서
04. 반쪽
05. 오늘따라 신나는 Party Time
06. 웃다가 울겠죠..
07. 그대여서 고마워요..
08. Candy Girl
09. 두사랑
11. Beautiful Life (CONCERT Ver.)

So track by track:

Track 1: (7/10) Pop/R&B, doesn’t really stand out that much, though the vocals sound really nice on this one .

Track 2: (8.5/10) Again pop, and features Lee Min Woo of Shinhwa, who has also written the track’s lyrics. Great track, really fun to listen to, but not my favourite song from the album. Bound to be a chart success!

Track 3: (8/10) R&B song, really nice to listen to, and definitely recommended.

Track 4: (6/10) Pop/R&B again, not really standing out against the other tracks.

Track 5: (6/10) Nice title! But the genre, against my expectations: Dance! Sounds a little .. uh how do I say it, old school, like the 80’s maybe? edit: After listening to this track a few times, I realised that it sounds too much like ‘Funky Town’ for me to be comfortable with…that’s got to lower the rating! 😦

Track 6: (7/10) Soft, soothing melody and lovely voices…

Track 7: (8/10) Nice mellow track.. soothing.

Track 8: (9/10) Loving this track.. bit of electronica. It’s got a nice beat to it, and I’m not sure about this but the female rapper who features in the track sounds a lot like Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yun. In any case the voice sounds very very familiar…Nice song, definitely recommended!

Track 9: (8/10) Nice track, R&B ballad, melodious

Track 10: (6.5/10) Upbeat track, genre is dance. With a title like Victory, I was expecting some, uhh.. ‘Engrish’ moments, but to my relief, there were none. Actually no English lyrics in this track.

Track 11: Same as track 2, only a concert version. Sounds milder somehow..actually I like this one better!

VERDICT: Overall 7/10, and covers a range of genres which is usually rare.

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR: Track no.s 2,3,8, 9.

You can watch the MV for the title track here:

The three guys star, along with Jewelry’s Kim Eun Jung… Just one comment, Hyun Joon is waayyy cuter with his glasses on … OK OK, cute video and nice song, but I didn’t get the storyline, if there was intended to be one, or about Kim Eun Jung’s part in the video.


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