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Anticipated Releases this Month

The following albums are expected to release this month:

3th June – Miracle Vol.1 – Sketch (Pop/Dance) (RELEASED)

7th June – F.T Island Japanese debut album – Prologue of F.T Island – Soyogi (Pop) (RELEASED)

10th June – Swagger Vol.1 – Hello New World (Hip Hop) (RELEASED)

10th June – Happy Chair Vol.1 (Pop(?)) (RELEASED)

12th June – Jaurim Vol.7 – Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond (Rock)

13th June – Alex (Clazziquai) – Vol.1- My Vintage Romance (Mixed Genre)

16th June – Young Turks Club Vol.8

18th June – SS501 – Japanese Single – Lucky Days (Pop) (This item was #1 on online pre-order charts- source:

19th June – Brown Eyes Vol.3

16th June – Sung Si Kyung Vol.6 (Ballad)

25th June – Lee Hyori Vol.3 (Pop)

Other anticipated releases are :

F.T Island Vol.2, Seo In Young Vol.2, Battle Vol.1, Bada Vol.4, Park Ji Yoon Vol.7, Ok Ju Hyun Vol.3, KARA Vol.2, Seo Taiji Vol.8, Jinusean – Single, Hong Chae Rin Vol.1.

Also anticipated is R-eal Vol.1. R-eal is a new idol group which recently appeared on a popular Japanese radio show. (Source : ) Go here to read more about them.

I also heard something about a Lee Jung Vol.4…dunno much about it though… This is out! Excited about it…

More coming soon!

Really looking forward to these..

courtesy: absolutezero@z-degrees & release dates from


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Taking a R-eality check

New idol group R-eal is making heads turn even before they debut. They appeared on a popular Japanese radio broadcast earlier, and tried to differentiate themselves from other idol groups saying that they want to focus on real (hence the name) issues.

The internet seems to already be abuzz with news about these guys. Seeing the success of débutante idol group SHINee, many netizens are anticipating similar success for R-eal.

Sigh… YET another idol group/boy band/whatever…

Let’s just hope it’s a passing phase, like last year, when around this time, the TV, internet and every other form of media was inundated with an overdose of so called sexy divas (Chae Yeon, Ivy, Lee Hyori, Seo In yeong etc).

I just hope it doesn’t happen again…

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