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Goodbye, Sung Si Kyung!

NAME : Vol.6 – Here in My Heart

ARTIST : Sung Si Kyung

GENRE : Ballad



01 여기 내 맘속에 (Yeogi Nae Mamsoge – Here In My Heart)
02 어디에도 (Eodiedo – Anywhere)
03 더 아름다워져 (Deo Areumdawojyeo – Comes To Be Beautiful)
04 안녕 나의 사랑 (Annyeong Naui Sarang – Goodbye My Love)
05 잃어버린 것들 (Irheobeorin Geotdeul – Lost Things)
06 그대와 춤을 (Geudaewa Chumeul – A Dance With You)
07 Baby You Are Beautiful
08 눈부신 고백 (Nunbushin Gobaek – Dazzling Proposal)
09 사랑하는 일 (Saranghaneun Il – To Love) [TITLE]
10 소풍 (Sopung – Picnic)
11 당신은 참.. (Dangsineun Cham.. – You Are So..)

credits@sweetxmelodies@blogspot for track list

This is Sung Si Kyung’s last album before he enlists to his mandatory two year service in the army.

I really love this album, though – as Sung Si Kyung puts it himself, the album has a lonely feel, like a winter streetlamp.

I would recommend this one – it sounds rather different compared to his previous albums, and every track is worth listening.

Listening to it just makes me miss him already…

From digital chosunilbo :

A farewell with a promise to meet again can be more heartrending than a permanent goodbye as it must last throughout the waiting period. For Sung Si-kyung (29), who is about to start his military service, his just-released sixth album “Here in My Heart” is just that: it’s bye for now, but we’ll meet again. In an interview with the Chosun Ilbo, he seems tired. “I’ll probably start duty in July, though the date isn’t exact,” he says. On May 12, he quit the MBC FM late night radio show “Blue Night with Sung Si-kyung”, which he had hosted for two years and seven months.

“A late-night radio show brings you close to the listeners but further from the world. I quit it early to prepare for the album and concert and look after my health,” he says. He has a thesis left to submit to complete his master’s at the Korea University Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication: it’s about the music selection on FM radio.

“I was never afraid that people would forget me. Believe it or not, I also never wanted to be famous or a superstar. I just worry that I’ll be cut off from society and lose my musical sense during the two years, as I won’t be able to invest in myself.”

“I worked madly on the album sleeping two hours a day, and at times I thought ‘what is all this work for?'” He was clearly feeling nervous and depressed, as most men do before military service.

Big-name composers including Yoo Hee-yeol, Kim Hyun-chul, Jung Jae-hyung, Roh Young-sim and Kim Kwang-jin worked on the new album. He wrote two songs himself, including the title song “Goodbye, My Love”, a collaboration with Yoo. He may be a multitalented entertainer, but his focus has always been on music.

His vocals particularly shine in songs that dispense with too much echo in production. Except for the title song, the album has a lonely feel, like a winter streetlamp. “I have a talent for acting out the lyrics and melody,” he says. “I would be singing but at the same time acting out a 3:30 minute long ballad. The album inevitably includes a lot about departure, reflecting my situation.”

He initially asked not to talk much about his military service, but he always came back to it at the end. It is clearly a sore point. “If I had an audio, keyboard and books, two years in prison would be better,” he says.

He enlists on the 1st of July.

Sung Si Kyung, your fans will really miss you!


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Review : T.G.U.S – Vol.1 – God of Harmony

NAME : TGUS Vol.1 – God of Harmony

ARTIST : TGUS (which stands for The Guys Using Sound, which sounds really… weird, not to mention fobby)

RELEASE DATE : 10th June, 2008.


GENRE : Ballad

I must admit that I knew next to nothing about these guys before they released this album. Heck, I didn’t really know them even after they released this album. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I was really surprised by their beautiful voices. This is one group I think we should all be watching out for.

This group is all male and has four members. The members – Hang Wan Hui, Park Sang Jun, Song Young Min and Lee Si Hyeon (credits to T.G.U.S. official thread @soompi for members names) were all part of unsuccessful groups, who later teamed up to form T.G.U.S. This group’s USP is vocal harmonization (smoothly melding voices together to produce a clear sound, mainly used in acapella), which I found to be a very pleasing aspect of this album.

They are a new group and have participated in the SBS Hope (Hwimang) Single with Jewelry, SS501, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, Super Junior and Lee Hyun (5tion). Besides this, I couldn’t find a lot of information about them, no matter how hard I searched.


01 Intro
02 I Believe In (Title)
03 가슴이 시키는 대로
04 One Last Kiss
05 Feel So Good
06 너의 뒤에서
07 Tonight
08 말해
09 무지개
10 Player
11 눈을감아
12 말하지 못한…
13 Outro

Track by track

Track 1: (9/10) I don’t really care for intro tracks – let alone rate them, but this one really makes you get up and take notice of the guys! Really nice…

Track 2: (9/10) This is the title track, a nice R&B ballad. One of the best tracks on the album!

Track 3: (7.5/10) Ballad again, a very emotional song and their vocal talents really shine through on this one.

Track 4:(9/10) This son, for some strange reminds me of 90’s ballads (by popular boy-bands of that time (western, not Korean)). Anyway, I like it a lot. Recommended.

Track 5: (6/10) A faster song to break the monotony of ballads. It doesn’t really stand out to me though…

Track 6: (8/10) R&B ballad again. Nice…

Track 7: (9/10) This is where they capitalize on both individual as well as group strengths. Easily one of the best on the album.

Track 8:(6/10) Again a faster pace, a faster beat… Not that great though, I’m beginning to get the feeling that they should stick to ballads, but I don’t know… it doesn’t seem that they are bad at it, seems more like the song isn’t good enough…

Track 9: (8.5/10) I like this song. Actually, it reminds of some Westlife song but I can’t remember which. It features a female artist, but I don’t know who…

Track 10: (6.5/10) Faster paced, not that great – haven’t we heard that before?

Track 11: (8/10) R&B ballad, I’m relieved that they’re back to this. It’s really beautiful. Listen to it to see how well they’re voices go together.

Track 12 : (8/10) A really mellow track…

Track 13 : (?/10)Outro, disappointing after listening to the great intro track. It’s just a girl mumbling in Chinese, not what I expected…

VERDICT: These guys are really good. Overall, I would give them 7/10, which is great for a début album. I hope they do well because they seem to be genuinely talented. Here’s wishing them luck!

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Tracks 1,2,4,7,9.

I couldn’t find the video for their title track, but here’s a video of them singing Thank You (originally by Boyz II Men). It’s really sweet, check it out!

I heard Sohn Ho Young stars in the video… Looking forward to it!

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F.T Island – Prologue of F.T Island – Soyogi

NAME : Prologue of F.T Island – Soyogi

ARTIST : F.T Island

RELEASE DATE : 7th June, 2008

LANGUAGE : Japanese/Korean/English

GENRE : Pop/Ballad

This is F.T Island’s Japan debut album, and has five Japanese, two Korean and one English track. The two (6,7) Korean tracks were included on their debut album ‘Cheerful Sensibility’ and the English track (Always Be Mine) is a remake of ‘첫키스’ (First Kiss/Cheot kiss), also from Cheerful Sensibility. The first five tracks are Japanese.


01. Friendship
02. ミライジテンシャ (Mirai Jitensha)
03. SOYOGI (Title)
04. Stars
05. A Song For You
06. F.T Island
07. Primadonna
08. Always Be Mine

(credit to neko28@wordpress)

Track by track,

Track 1: (7/10) Upbeat pop track with strong rock influences. It has a fun feel to it… similar to a few tracks on their first album.

Track 2 : (6/10) Again, pop-rock. Doesn’t really stand out to me though. It’s OK…

Track 3 : (8.5/10) This is the title track of the album. This sounds a bit different from usual F.T Island stuff, but I mean it in a good way. I’m liking this track, it sounds fresh!

Track 4 : (8/10) Pop. I like this song. No complaints about this one…

Track 5 : (6.5/10) Hmm… The second vocalist Won Bin features prominently on this one. I think I heard this song first in a concert clip of theirs, but I really didn’t like it at all then. Like it a little better now. Maybe the effects of screaming fans… really put off by that

Track 6 : (6.5/10) From what little I know, isn’t this a song written for their fans? ( I heard once that their fan club is called Primadonna). It’s OK, a little inconsistent in beats, sometimes mid-tempo and then the chorus feels really fast. One thing that annoys me is HongKi’s pronunciation of Primadonna like pureemadonna. But it’s nice that they are so considerate about their fans anyway…

Track 7 : (7/10) This a really slow, nice ballad track reminiscent of Only One Person/Hansaramman (which I absolutely loved). His English pronunciation, though restricted to just a couple of lines sounds spot on, surprisingly. I can’t comment on the Japanese pronunciation, since I don’t speak it…

Track 8 : (5.5/10) I like 첫키스 better… the accent is getting to me! Hongki, he pronounces fly as fry, with as wreeth, right as light, peaceful as prissful, everything as everyting… Don’t get me wrong, I like the song’s melody, and the lyrics are not bad either (stereotypical, but not bad) but I just cannot get over the accent…

VERDICT: This is a nice album, though not half as good as I had expected it to be, and I can firmly say that liked Cheerful Sensibility much better. I liked 3/5 of their Japanese songs, which is a good strike rate. They really need to brush up on their English pronunciation though… Overall I would give it a 7/10.


Watch the video for Soyogi here:

They look more mature here, and Hongki’s look… rockstar-ish, hair and all. I like the setting – a wooded area near a river/lake… They use mirrors to create light effects… cute!

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Review: Nell – Separation Anxiety

NAME : Nell Vol.4 (though this is debated) – Separation Anxiety

RELEASE DATE : 25 March, 2008



GENRE : Rock

Nell is an (unfortunately lesser recognized) Korean rock band who recently released their fourth (fans like to dispute whether it’s their fourth or sixth, but I’d like to hail it as their fourth major album) by the name of Separation Anxiety. The album has eleven tracks, including the much acclaimed rock ballad 기억을 걷는 시간 (which can be translated as Time to Take a Stroll down Memory Lane / Time to Search One’s Memory) which is the title track. In fact, the group won its first Mutizen for this song.


01. Separation Anxiety

02. Moonlight Punch Romance

03. 기억을 걷는 시간 (Title)

04. 멀어지다

05. Promise Me

06. 1:03

07. Fisheye Lens

08. Afterglow

09. Tokyo

10. 12 Seconds

11. _

So, going track-wise:

Track 1: (8/10) Rock ballad, similar to 기억을 걷는 시간, and Kim Jong wan’s high vocals sound excellent on this one, and the repetitive lyric 나를 떠나지 마요 adds to the haunting feel of the track. Very nice and highly recommended.

Track 2: (9/10) Very fresh… I’m speechless about this one. Recommended!

Track 3: (10/10) Rock ballad, with a mellow sound. This is easily the track where Kim Jong Wan’s beautiful voice is utilised to its best. Must-listen, and I mean it!

Track 4:(9/10) One of the slower tracks on the album, contemporary rock ballad. Nice…

Track 5: (9/10) Amazing rock track, one of the faster ones on the CD, really really good. You see, with an artist like Nell every track has something new to offer – a different, unique sound, which is why , it is extremely easy to listen to the whole album at a stretch without actually having to skip any track (generally harder to do with most artists).

Track 6: (8.5/10) I really like the beat on this track. Actually, this is one of those tracks that really grows on you with every listen. At first, I liked it a lot, but now I’m loving it – after a couple of listens more.

Track 7: (9/10) Modern rock, has a really nice, contemporary feel to it…

Track 8:(8.5/10) Nice piano intro…this is beautiful music… it has a haunting feel to it

Track 9: (8.5/10) I love how this track starts…sounds like beats in the distance. One of the better known tracks on the album, after of course 기억을 걷는 시간. The lyrics are completely in English. It sounds very… quiet yet it’s beautiful music. Recommended.

Track 10: (8/10) Don’t go by the name (12 Seconds), for this track is a whole 8 minutes and 45 seconds… long, to say the least. Anyway, it’s a beautiful track, where Kim Jong Wan’s vocals sound mellow, though unrecognizably high in the chorus. I find the musical arrangement of this track to be very interesting – minimal but at the same time, able to convey the feel of the song smoothly enough. I’m unable to describe it exactly…

Track 11: (?/10) Uhh… wow, his voice is unrecognizably high pitched here. In one word, interesting. I really don’t know how to rate this one. Very high pitched… experimental music.

VERDICT: Overall 9.5/10. This is an excellent album, and a definite must-buy particularly for fans of Rock music. Even for those who do not listen to Korean music, this is a great listening experience. Try it!

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : All the tracks are worth listening to, but tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 are recommended in particular.

Watch the video for 기억을 걷는 시간 here :

The vocalist Kim Jong Wan stars as the lead, along with the rest of the group. I like this video a lot. It’s simple yet artistic.

Like it? Purchase Nell’s cd here.

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Review: Maya Vol.4 – MAYA FOUR


RELEASE DATE : 10 April 2008



GENRE : Rock, mostly

I took some time to listen to this one, and really get into it, so to speak. For those who don’t know her, Maya is a Korean rock musician, who is perhaps best known for her captivating stage presence and her amazing intensity of performance in concerts. In fact, I came to know her through a clip of one of her concerts. Rarely do stars perform with an intensity like Maya’s, which I now consider her USP. This album, her fourth, is an eclectic mix of Rock with all other imaginable genres, and is an absolutely great listen. On a completely unrelated side-note, I love the cover!


01 01 Maya Four
02 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) (Title)
03 BC 2500
04 Story In Your Eyes
05 꽈배기 (Doughnut)
06 마이 아리랑 [My Arirang] (Maya+Arirang)
07 Maria
08 발자욱 (Footsteps)
09 Dead or Alive
10 1995…그 봄 (1995… That Spring)]
11 Ironic Report
12 검은 눈물 (Held Tears)

credits to sweetxmelodies@blogspot for translated titles.


Track 1: Intro track. Though I generally don’t pay attention to intro pieces, I like this one.

Track 2: (9/10) Nice Rock/Pop track, laced with a social message. Maya’s vocals are most noticeably subdued compared to her usual style in this one, but it makes for a good listen. The melody is easy to listen to, and makes for a lively song.

Track 3: (7.5/10) Interesting start…I’m liking this track. It’s a modern rock number with a unique musical arrangement.

Track 4: (8.5/10) Wow, Maya’s vocals really shine on this one. A mellow rock-based ballad about the pain of separation which showcases Maya’s ability to sing emotionally. Recommended.

Track 5: (9/10) This is back to Maya’s original style… forceful and intense. One of my favourite tracks on the album. Again, recommended!

Track 6: (9.5/10) I LOVE this track. It’s a rendition of the Korean traditional song ‘Arirang’ done in a typical Maya style – passionate and intense. Here you can really see how great music can sound when modern and traditional styles are fused, a style Maya has previously tried with Jin dal ae ggot, her debut track. Highly recommended!

Track 7: (6/10) I really wasn’t expecting this Latin-infused track on this album. It didn’t really stand out to me. An OK track…

Track 8: (7/10) A really mellow start leads to a traditional rock ballad. She really expresses her versatility well here, showing that she can sing both fierce as well as mellow songs with equal ease.

Track 9: (9.5/10) Great track with an intense chorus. It starts off with what sounds like an electrocardiograph, symbolizing the fight for life and survival. Maya sings with her trademark intensity. Very Evanescence. I’m loving this track….

Track 10: (9/10) One of the highlights of this album. I love the guitar riff…

Track 11:(?/10) No vocals?… This track is interesting…I should listen to it one more time…

Track 12: (7/10) We’re back to mellow with this one. Emotional modern rock ballad.

VERDICT : Superb album to listen to. Recommended with an overall rating of 8/10.

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Track no.s 2,4,5,6,9,10.

You can watch the MV for 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) here:

Her glasses make her look funny…She should get rid of them! Nice song anyway…

See the box in the sidebar to preview her music!

Like this? Purchase her CD here.

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Review : Shinee First Mini Album

NAME : SHINee First Mini Album

RELEASE DATE : 25 May 2008

ARTIST : SHINee (SM Entertainment)



This is the debut album for SHINee, a new group from SM Entertainment (the same company which produced BoA, H.O.T, TVXQ and other successful idol stars). What’s most surprising about SHINee is the age bracket, ranging from 14 to 18 years, which makes them the youngest group around. SHINee, described as a contemporary band, are composed of members who go by the names of Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew and Key. The mini album has five tracks including a Boom version of the title track 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay), which incidentally translates to Noona, you’re so pretty (Noona is a term used by guys to address older women or girls). Interesting title, don’t you think, since most of their fans are bound to be noonas, considering their ages!


01. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) (Title)
02. In My Room
03. Real
04. 사.계.한 (Love Should Go On)
05. 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay Boom Track)

Track by track:

Track 1: (9/10) REALLY catchy dance track! On repeat in my mp3 player… They sound nice on this one too, and actually, they sound really mature on it… it’s hard to tell that they’re all so young. Really talented though…

Track 2: (6/10) This track really doesn’t stand out to me…

Track 3: (6/10) Pop/dance track, really upbeat. I found it bubble gum-ish..

Track 4: (7.5/10) Upbeat dance/pop track, nice but not even close to 누난 너무 예뻐.

Track 5: Same as the title track, only a boom version, which basically sounds like

VERDICT: OK album with respect to the songs (except track1 which is really amazing), but really shows the boys’ talents well. Overall 7/10. But we should definitely keep an eye out for these rising stars!

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Track no.1 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay), which I think we will be seeing on the charts very soon! Highly recommended!

Watch the video for Noona, you’re so pretty here:

Check out the cool dance moves! I like…

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Review : V.O.S Vol.3 – Wonderful Things

NAME : Wonderful Things (V.O.S Vol.3)

RELEASE DATE : 19 May 2008

ARTIST : V.O.S (Voice Of Soul)



OK, honestly this is the first V.O.S album I’ve listened to (apart from project and solo singles), and I’m happy to report that it is a good one. Having 10 tracks, without counting the concert version of the title track (Beautiful Life), the style ranges mainly from Pop to R&B, but also surprises you intermittently, for example with track no. 8 which gives off an electronic/club vibe. I like..

Track List:

01. 아무리 널
02. Beautiful Life (Title)
03. 남자라면서
04. 반쪽
05. 오늘따라 신나는 Party Time
06. 웃다가 울겠죠..
07. 그대여서 고마워요..
08. Candy Girl
09. 두사랑
11. Beautiful Life (CONCERT Ver.)

So track by track:

Track 1: (7/10) Pop/R&B, doesn’t really stand out that much, though the vocals sound really nice on this one .

Track 2: (8.5/10) Again pop, and features Lee Min Woo of Shinhwa, who has also written the track’s lyrics. Great track, really fun to listen to, but not my favourite song from the album. Bound to be a chart success!

Track 3: (8/10) R&B song, really nice to listen to, and definitely recommended.

Track 4: (6/10) Pop/R&B again, not really standing out against the other tracks.

Track 5: (6/10) Nice title! But the genre, against my expectations: Dance! Sounds a little .. uh how do I say it, old school, like the 80’s maybe? edit: After listening to this track a few times, I realised that it sounds too much like ‘Funky Town’ for me to be comfortable with…that’s got to lower the rating! 😦

Track 6: (7/10) Soft, soothing melody and lovely voices…

Track 7: (8/10) Nice mellow track.. soothing.

Track 8: (9/10) Loving this track.. bit of electronica. It’s got a nice beat to it, and I’m not sure about this but the female rapper who features in the track sounds a lot like Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yun. In any case the voice sounds very very familiar…Nice song, definitely recommended!

Track 9: (8/10) Nice track, R&B ballad, melodious

Track 10: (6.5/10) Upbeat track, genre is dance. With a title like Victory, I was expecting some, uhh.. ‘Engrish’ moments, but to my relief, there were none. Actually no English lyrics in this track.

Track 11: Same as track 2, only a concert version. Sounds milder somehow..actually I like this one better!

VERDICT: Overall 7/10, and covers a range of genres which is usually rare.

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR: Track no.s 2,3,8, 9.

You can watch the MV for the title track here:

The three guys star, along with Jewelry’s Kim Eun Jung… Just one comment, Hyun Joon is waayyy cuter with his glasses on … OK OK, cute video and nice song, but I didn’t get the storyline, if there was intended to be one, or about Kim Eun Jung’s part in the video.

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