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Epik High – Breakdown (Repackage)

NAME : Breakdown (Pieces Part One Repackage)

ARTIST : Epik High

RELEASE DATE : 11th June, 2008

GENRE : Hip-Hop/Fusion


Wow! There was absolutely no sign of this coming…

So, basically it consists of the entire Pieces Part One album, along with a remix of Love Love Love, an upbeat hip-hop/electronica fusion-of-sorts track, which gained much popularity as part of their fourth album – Remapping the Human Soul.


01 Breakdown
02 Love Love Love (Astronica Remix) NEW!

03 Be
04 서울, 1:13 AM (Short Piece)(Seoul, 1:13 AM)
05 One (Feat. JiSun)
06 연필깎이 (feat. Kebee)(Pencil Sharpener)
07 Girl (Feat. JinBo)
08 Slave (Short Piece)
09 The Future (Feat. Yankie)
10 20 Fingers (Short Piece) (Feat. DJ Friz)
11 Ignition (Feat. Na Yoon Kwon)
12 Eight By Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY)
13 Decalcomanie
14 Icarus Walks (Short Piece)
15 낙화 (落花) (Fallen Blossoms)
16 우산 (feat. 윤하) (Younha) (Umbrella)
17 당신의 조각들 (feat. 지선) (Jisun) (Your Pieces)
18 B-side 01 : Breakdown (Supreme Mix)
19 B-side 02 : One (Planet Shiver Remix)

So really, there is only one new song – the Astronica *cool name* Remix of the Epik High hit ‘Love Love Love’ – which means only one song for me to rate. Anyway, the remix adds stronger beats to the song, giving it a techno-ish feel. This makes it right at home in Pieces, Part One, given that the general feel of the album is as such… I would give it a 9/10.

And, the cover – random, just like Pieces Part One…

Watch the MV for Love Love Love (Original) here:

With English subtitles. By the way, the song features YoongJin of Casker, an indie electronica group (whose music I highly recommend). The MV posted above has English subtitles.


밤 12시 술 취해 지친 목소리
새벽 2시 차갑게 꺼진 전화기
아무도 내 맘을 모르죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
아파도 계속 반복하죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
있나요 사랑해본 적
영화처럼 첫 눈에 반해본 적
전화기를 붙들고 밤새본 적
세상에 자랑해본 적
쏟아지는 비속에서
기다려본 적
그를 향해 미친듯이
달려본 적
몰래 지켜본적 미쳐본적
다 보면서도 못본 척
있겠죠 사랑해본 적
기념일 때문에 가난해본 적
잘하고도 미안해 말해본 적
연애편지로 날 새본 적
가족과의 약속을 미뤄본 적
아프지말라 신께 빌어본 적
친굴 피해본 적 잃어본 적
가는 뒷모습 지켜본 적
can’t stop love
미친듯 사랑했는데 왜
정말 난 잘해줬는데 왜
모든걸 다 줬었는데
you got me going crazy
can’t stop love
죽도록 사랑했는데 왜
내 몸과 맘을 다 줬는데
모든걸 잃어버렸는데 어떡해
아무도 내 맘을 모르죠
I can’t stop

Love Love Love
아파도 계속 반복하죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
있나요 이별해본 적
빗물에 화장을 지워내본 적
긴 생머리 잘라내본 적
끊은 담배를 쥐어본 적
혹시라도 마주칠까
자릴 피해본 적
보내지도 못할 편지 적어본 적
술에 만취되서 전화 걸어본 적
여보세요 입이 얼어본 적
있겠죠 이별해본 적
사랑했던 만큼 미워해본 적
읽지도 못한 편지 찢어본 적
잊지도 못할
전화번호 지워본 적
기념일을 혼자 챙겨본 적
사진들을 다 불태워본 적
이 세상에 모든 이별 노래가
당신의 얘길꺼라 생각해본 적
can’t stop love
미친듯 사랑했는데 왜
정말 난 잘해줬는데 왜
모든걸 다 줬었는데
you got me going crazy
can’t stop love
죽도록 사랑했는데 왜
내 몸과 맘을 다 줬는데
모든걸 잃어버렸는데 어떡해
아무도 내 맘을 모르죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
아파도 계속 반복하죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love

바보처럼 울고 또 술에 취하고
친구를 붙잡고 그 사람을 욕하고
시간이 지나고 또 술에 취하고
전화기를 붙잡고 say love
아무도 내 맘을 모르죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
아파도 계속 반복하죠
I can’t stop Love Love Love
아무도 내 맘을 모르죠
사실은 당신만 모르죠
아파도 계속 반복하죠
이러다 언젠가 다시 마주치죠


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Epik High – Dream Concert 2008 Performance – Breakdown

Epik High at the Dream Concert, 2008

They performed two songs from Pieces Part One – One and Breakdown (the song that they’re going to be promoting next). Unfortunately SBS aired just Breakdown (really wanted to catch their performance of One). Anyway, it was a power-packed performance as usual… Epik High always manages to inject so much energy into the crowd!

Worth watching… wish I was there!

Anyway, you can watch it here:

Oh, and the song they’re promoting next is Breakdown, which means a MV will soon be released for it. Hope it will be good!

So much angst in Breakdown…

I don’t wanna think like you, and
I don’t wanna stink like you, and
I wanna be me, so break it down

Hope the video is awesome…!

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Anticipated Releases this Month

The following albums are expected to release this month:

3th June – Miracle Vol.1 – Sketch (Pop/Dance) (RELEASED)

7th June – F.T Island Japanese debut album – Prologue of F.T Island – Soyogi (Pop) (RELEASED)

10th June – Swagger Vol.1 – Hello New World (Hip Hop) (RELEASED)

10th June – Happy Chair Vol.1 (Pop(?)) (RELEASED)

12th June – Jaurim Vol.7 – Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond (Rock)

13th June – Alex (Clazziquai) – Vol.1- My Vintage Romance (Mixed Genre)

16th June – Young Turks Club Vol.8

18th June – SS501 – Japanese Single – Lucky Days (Pop) (This item was #1 on online pre-order charts- source:

19th June – Brown Eyes Vol.3

16th June – Sung Si Kyung Vol.6 (Ballad)

25th June – Lee Hyori Vol.3 (Pop)

Other anticipated releases are :

F.T Island Vol.2, Seo In Young Vol.2, Battle Vol.1, Bada Vol.4, Park Ji Yoon Vol.7, Ok Ju Hyun Vol.3, KARA Vol.2, Seo Taiji Vol.8, Jinusean – Single, Hong Chae Rin Vol.1.

Also anticipated is R-eal Vol.1. R-eal is a new idol group which recently appeared on a popular Japanese radio show. (Source : ) Go here to read more about them.

I also heard something about a Lee Jung Vol.4…dunno much about it though… This is out! Excited about it…

More coming soon!

Really looking forward to these..

courtesy: absolutezero@z-degrees & release dates from

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Nell – 멀어지다 MV out!

Just found it on Youtube while looking around for Nell stuff…

There are two versions of the MV, one with just the band, and the second with the band and an actress. It’s a moody video, in a dark setting. The group looks great, and it’s one of Nell’s best MVs. The fluorescent tubes on the piano and the walls look great. Very cool.

I can’t seem to embed videos today 😦

Version 1:

Version 2:

I love anything Nell… 😀

Look at Kim Jong Wan (vocalist)’s glasses… ooh, shiny! Love them…

By the way, ‘멀어지다’ means to go farther away…

Read a review of the Digital Single for 멀어지다 here, and for the Vol.4 – Separation Anxiety here.

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Nell Released a… Single?

NAME : Single – 멀어지다



GENRE : (Soft) Rock

OK, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they’re not supposed to, it’s just that they never did, and I didn’t expect them to…Yeah, Nell released a single for the first time. And it has two tracks, the first of which (멀어지다) was included in Nell’s Separation Anxiety (whose track-by-track review you can read here.) The second track, however is new, and is titled 1분만 닥쳐줄래요. For those who can’t read/understand Korean, that’s ‘Can You Just Shut Up For 1 Minute’! Well, they won me over with the title…

On to the music, the second track (1분만 닥쳐줄래요) has a nice (sounds like a bit of old-school to me though) melody.. very nice. Totally unexpected from Nell though. Kim Jong Wan’s voice sounds really great, as usual, but had it not been for his voice, I could NOT have recognized this as a Nell song. Sounds different from their usual style…brighter! It’s like a breath of fresh air, even for Nell (always unique and a step aside from the rest of the industry). I would give it a 8.5/10. As for track one (멀어지다), it’s a beautiful ballad track with a strong piano sound, one of the best tracks on Nell’s Separation Anxiety album, and I would give it a 9/10 (actually I’m liking it better since I saw the video, I would now probably give it a 9.5):)


Edit: I have posted the MV in another recent post 😀 Check it out here.

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Review: Nell – Separation Anxiety

NAME : Nell Vol.4 (though this is debated) – Separation Anxiety

RELEASE DATE : 25 March, 2008



GENRE : Rock

Nell is an (unfortunately lesser recognized) Korean rock band who recently released their fourth (fans like to dispute whether it’s their fourth or sixth, but I’d like to hail it as their fourth major album) by the name of Separation Anxiety. The album has eleven tracks, including the much acclaimed rock ballad 기억을 걷는 시간 (which can be translated as Time to Take a Stroll down Memory Lane / Time to Search One’s Memory) which is the title track. In fact, the group won its first Mutizen for this song.


01. Separation Anxiety

02. Moonlight Punch Romance

03. 기억을 걷는 시간 (Title)

04. 멀어지다

05. Promise Me

06. 1:03

07. Fisheye Lens

08. Afterglow

09. Tokyo

10. 12 Seconds

11. _

So, going track-wise:

Track 1: (8/10) Rock ballad, similar to 기억을 걷는 시간, and Kim Jong wan’s high vocals sound excellent on this one, and the repetitive lyric 나를 떠나지 마요 adds to the haunting feel of the track. Very nice and highly recommended.

Track 2: (9/10) Very fresh… I’m speechless about this one. Recommended!

Track 3: (10/10) Rock ballad, with a mellow sound. This is easily the track where Kim Jong Wan’s beautiful voice is utilised to its best. Must-listen, and I mean it!

Track 4:(9/10) One of the slower tracks on the album, contemporary rock ballad. Nice…

Track 5: (9/10) Amazing rock track, one of the faster ones on the CD, really really good. You see, with an artist like Nell every track has something new to offer – a different, unique sound, which is why , it is extremely easy to listen to the whole album at a stretch without actually having to skip any track (generally harder to do with most artists).

Track 6: (8.5/10) I really like the beat on this track. Actually, this is one of those tracks that really grows on you with every listen. At first, I liked it a lot, but now I’m loving it – after a couple of listens more.

Track 7: (9/10) Modern rock, has a really nice, contemporary feel to it…

Track 8:(8.5/10) Nice piano intro…this is beautiful music… it has a haunting feel to it

Track 9: (8.5/10) I love how this track starts…sounds like beats in the distance. One of the better known tracks on the album, after of course 기억을 걷는 시간. The lyrics are completely in English. It sounds very… quiet yet it’s beautiful music. Recommended.

Track 10: (8/10) Don’t go by the name (12 Seconds), for this track is a whole 8 minutes and 45 seconds… long, to say the least. Anyway, it’s a beautiful track, where Kim Jong Wan’s vocals sound mellow, though unrecognizably high in the chorus. I find the musical arrangement of this track to be very interesting – minimal but at the same time, able to convey the feel of the song smoothly enough. I’m unable to describe it exactly…

Track 11: (?/10) Uhh… wow, his voice is unrecognizably high pitched here. In one word, interesting. I really don’t know how to rate this one. Very high pitched… experimental music.

VERDICT: Overall 9.5/10. This is an excellent album, and a definite must-buy particularly for fans of Rock music. Even for those who do not listen to Korean music, this is a great listening experience. Try it!

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : All the tracks are worth listening to, but tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,9 are recommended in particular.

Watch the video for 기억을 걷는 시간 here :

The vocalist Kim Jong Wan stars as the lead, along with the rest of the group. I like this video a lot. It’s simple yet artistic.

Like it? Purchase Nell’s cd here.

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Review: Maya Vol.4 – MAYA FOUR


RELEASE DATE : 10 April 2008



GENRE : Rock, mostly

I took some time to listen to this one, and really get into it, so to speak. For those who don’t know her, Maya is a Korean rock musician, who is perhaps best known for her captivating stage presence and her amazing intensity of performance in concerts. In fact, I came to know her through a clip of one of her concerts. Rarely do stars perform with an intensity like Maya’s, which I now consider her USP. This album, her fourth, is an eclectic mix of Rock with all other imaginable genres, and is an absolutely great listen. On a completely unrelated side-note, I love the cover!


01 01 Maya Four
02 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) (Title)
03 BC 2500
04 Story In Your Eyes
05 꽈배기 (Doughnut)
06 마이 아리랑 [My Arirang] (Maya+Arirang)
07 Maria
08 발자욱 (Footsteps)
09 Dead or Alive
10 1995…그 봄 (1995… That Spring)]
11 Ironic Report
12 검은 눈물 (Held Tears)

credits to sweetxmelodies@blogspot for translated titles.


Track 1: Intro track. Though I generally don’t pay attention to intro pieces, I like this one.

Track 2: (9/10) Nice Rock/Pop track, laced with a social message. Maya’s vocals are most noticeably subdued compared to her usual style in this one, but it makes for a good listen. The melody is easy to listen to, and makes for a lively song.

Track 3: (7.5/10) Interesting start…I’m liking this track. It’s a modern rock number with a unique musical arrangement.

Track 4: (8.5/10) Wow, Maya’s vocals really shine on this one. A mellow rock-based ballad about the pain of separation which showcases Maya’s ability to sing emotionally. Recommended.

Track 5: (9/10) This is back to Maya’s original style… forceful and intense. One of my favourite tracks on the album. Again, recommended!

Track 6: (9.5/10) I LOVE this track. It’s a rendition of the Korean traditional song ‘Arirang’ done in a typical Maya style – passionate and intense. Here you can really see how great music can sound when modern and traditional styles are fused, a style Maya has previously tried with Jin dal ae ggot, her debut track. Highly recommended!

Track 7: (6/10) I really wasn’t expecting this Latin-infused track on this album. It didn’t really stand out to me. An OK track…

Track 8: (7/10) A really mellow start leads to a traditional rock ballad. She really expresses her versatility well here, showing that she can sing both fierce as well as mellow songs with equal ease.

Track 9: (9.5/10) Great track with an intense chorus. It starts off with what sounds like an electrocardiograph, symbolizing the fight for life and survival. Maya sings with her trademark intensity. Very Evanescence. I’m loving this track….

Track 10: (9/10) One of the highlights of this album. I love the guitar riff…

Track 11:(?/10) No vocals?… This track is interesting…I should listen to it one more time…

Track 12: (7/10) We’re back to mellow with this one. Emotional modern rock ballad.

VERDICT : Superb album to listen to. Recommended with an overall rating of 8/10.

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Track no.s 2,4,5,6,9,10.

You can watch the MV for 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) here:

Her glasses make her look funny…She should get rid of them! Nice song anyway…

See the box in the sidebar to preview her music!

Like this? Purchase her CD here.

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