Review: Maya Vol.4 – MAYA FOUR


RELEASE DATE : 10 April 2008



GENRE : Rock, mostly

I took some time to listen to this one, and really get into it, so to speak. For those who don’t know her, Maya is a Korean rock musician, who is perhaps best known for her captivating stage presence and her amazing intensity of performance in concerts. In fact, I came to know her through a clip of one of her concerts. Rarely do stars perform with an intensity like Maya’s, which I now consider her USP. This album, her fourth, is an eclectic mix of Rock with all other imaginable genres, and is an absolutely great listen. On a completely unrelated side-note, I love the cover!


01 01 Maya Four
02 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) (Title)
03 BC 2500
04 Story In Your Eyes
05 꽈배기 (Doughnut)
06 마이 아리랑 [My Arirang] (Maya+Arirang)
07 Maria
08 발자욱 (Footsteps)
09 Dead or Alive
10 1995…그 봄 (1995… That Spring)]
11 Ironic Report
12 검은 눈물 (Held Tears)

credits to sweetxmelodies@blogspot for translated titles.


Track 1: Intro track. Though I generally don’t pay attention to intro pieces, I like this one.

Track 2: (9/10) Nice Rock/Pop track, laced with a social message. Maya’s vocals are most noticeably subdued compared to her usual style in this one, but it makes for a good listen. The melody is easy to listen to, and makes for a lively song.

Track 3: (7.5/10) Interesting start…I’m liking this track. It’s a modern rock number with a unique musical arrangement.

Track 4: (8.5/10) Wow, Maya’s vocals really shine on this one. A mellow rock-based ballad about the pain of separation which showcases Maya’s ability to sing emotionally. Recommended.

Track 5: (9/10) This is back to Maya’s original style… forceful and intense. One of my favourite tracks on the album. Again, recommended!

Track 6: (9.5/10) I LOVE this track. It’s a rendition of the Korean traditional song ‘Arirang’ done in a typical Maya style – passionate and intense. Here you can really see how great music can sound when modern and traditional styles are fused, a style Maya has previously tried with Jin dal ae ggot, her debut track. Highly recommended!

Track 7: (6/10) I really wasn’t expecting this Latin-infused track on this album. It didn’t really stand out to me. An OK track…

Track 8: (7/10) A really mellow start leads to a traditional rock ballad. She really expresses her versatility well here, showing that she can sing both fierce as well as mellow songs with equal ease.

Track 9: (9.5/10) Great track with an intense chorus. It starts off with what sounds like an electrocardiograph, symbolizing the fight for life and survival. Maya sings with her trademark intensity. Very Evanescence. I’m loving this track….

Track 10: (9/10) One of the highlights of this album. I love the guitar riff…

Track 11:(?/10) No vocals?… This track is interesting…I should listen to it one more time…

Track 12: (7/10) We’re back to mellow with this one. Emotional modern rock ballad.

VERDICT : Superb album to listen to. Recommended with an overall rating of 8/10.

TRACKS TO WATCH OUT FOR : Track no.s 2,4,5,6,9,10.

You can watch the MV for 그 흔한 반지도 (That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring) here:

Her glasses make her look funny…She should get rid of them! Nice song anyway…

See the box in the sidebar to preview her music!

Like this? Purchase her CD here.



  1. I have a quick question.. I really like the 2nd Track of this album “That Ordinary Ring/Not Even A Little Ring)” and I wanted to ask you this album was like this all the way through. If not, Do you know of any Korean artists who are consistently playing this kind of music??? Very Folky/Easy Listening/Soft Rock style..

    Thanks for your help and Nice Page.

  2. agreetodisagree said

    Sorry I was a bit slow about this…
    Easy listening..hmm, I don’t know many established artistes with this kind of music.. closest I can find is Kim Sarang I think, but that’s a little bit more of acoustic rock…Vn. Juhee a new artiste just released a single called Wish Days – the title track has a similar acoustic feel, I think…Definitely recommended! As far as this album is concerned, the rest of it is similar, but with a stronger influence on rock.. I just love it, don’t hesitate and do try it out – I’m sure you’ll love it if you like the title track…

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